Star of Life

Northwest Ambulance District

Star of Life

Serving the city of Geneva, Austinburg, Geneva, Harpersfield and Trumbull Townships


Northwest Ambulance District has been your EMS provider since 1975. We bring the emergency room to the patient by providing the best possible emergency care at the most advanced level possible. Our staff consists of Emergency Medical Technicians Basic, Emergency Medical Technician Intermediates, and Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic level trained personnel.
At the present time we employ 7 full time Paramedics, and about 33 volunteer / auxiliary members. We always have at least two people on duty 24/7. All personnel have pagers and are dispatched. During an emergency response those auxiliary Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics closest to the call will respond direct to the scene. This allows us to start patient care as rapidly as possible.

Full Time Personnel
Auxiliary Personnel