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NAD recently partnered up with a non profit organization called All Choices Matter in a collective effort to promote drug awareness and education in our community. All Choices Matter have geared their efforts towards educating the youth and school aged children, similar to drug education programs that have been used in our schools in the past.
With the dramatic rise in drug related calls in our area, it is difficult to find someone in our community that has not been affected one way or another by the drug crisis. Our crews are seeing patients of all ages and economic statuses on these calls, and see first hand the lasting effect that they have on our patient’s family and friends.
All Choices Matter sat down with our Administrator and Paramedic, Vince Gildone and asked him some of the really tough questions about what it’s really like going on this type of ambulance call. Then, they spoke with Paramedic Jamie Burgett about her personal experience with losing a family member to the Opioid Crisis.
We encourage you to talk with your children and tackle the difficult questions that they might have. Having an open line of communication is key! There are an incredible number of resources available to our community members that are dealing with an addiction themselves, or are a family member of someone struggling with addiction.

Don’t try it. Not even once!

Vince Gildone Interview
Jamie Burgett Interview

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Northwest Ambulance District provides advanced life support 911 services to Geneva City, Austinburg, Harpersfield, Trumbull & Geneva Townships. The station is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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